Come and get your seat at two Pan African Round tables

17 June 2020

Join Us for our TPACEW 2020 RoundTable Series

Africa’s ancient healing practices contribution and integration into Modern Technology and lifestyle

Time: Jun 17, 2020 12:00 AM Johannesburg

Meeting ID: 727 1114 2064
Password: 5Z9PDJ

18 June 2020

Join Us 4 our TPACEW 2020 Language RoundTable Series

The role of common indigenous languages in fostering unity, social cohesion and economic transformation in Africa

Time: Jun 18, 2020 12:30 PM

Join Our Roundtable on Zoom

Meeting ID: 768 4308 5797
Password: 1PLFUk

Our Esteemed Speakers

Mpho Ngobeni

Joyce Sukumane

Tintswalo Makhubela

Dr Mayassa S. Ally

Prof. Toko Watezwa

Dr. Abdul-Karim Elgoni

Prof Langa Khumalo

Zukile Jama

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Our Partners

Department of Arts and Culture

The Department of Sports, Arts & Culture came together to continue the spirit of African Unity highlighted last month in various Africa Month celebrations.

With a focus on Youth taking on more participation and responsibility in Indigenous Langauge and Medicines, the department hopes these Round Table will open up opportunities for further learning and career growth

Glamorous Factory

Kujenga Digital

The Swahili Experience


Freedom Park

Tanzanite Sunset

South Collection