Food Masterclasses

Chef Khumalo will teach us the differences and similaritiesof pap across the continent, taking us through all the regons and their details.

Africa's Edible Insects

See how insects have formed part of our diet for centuries and how they can shape our current diets for the future. Come and see things from a different perspectives and you might see there’s nothing to be scared of.

Language Masterclass

For three-days, comes learn various African languages from the most popularly spoken to the almost extinct. Come learn to introduce yourself, great, give the time and day, ask for directions and some poetry too!

Cultural Show

See where our Style comes from. We will have a culture show that will showcase African Cultural Past & Heritage to inspire what the Future has in store for our fashion in 2020 and beyond

Research Presentations

We will host research presentations focused on preserving our African culture and heritage for all to enjoy today and the future. These presentations range from technology to access to resources and capacity.


We will host dialogues between different cultures, backgrounds and generations themed around preserving and promoting African culture. This is to spark conversation amongst attendees and viewers on issues that dealt with as they arise and not actively.

Trade & Exhibitions

We will host exhibitions aimed at exposing African Heritage and Culture experiences. We plan to turn these exhibitions into lifestyle experiences as we well as business development for their provider