This year we are focusing on similarities and differences between different African cultures that can help bring them from the peripheral to the mainstream. This means exposing, showcasing cultures & heritage that can shape the present and future of African Culture and Heritage through language, food, music, arts and technology activations and exhibitions.

We are channelling this mission and drive through our special focus on the KhoeKhoe, one of the world’s and Africa’s oldest people, whose culture and heritage is dying out in this fast changing and modernizing world. We will be showcasing and exhibiting their culture over the 3 days as well as documenting it for digital and media preservation as our flagship act to set the tone for our future endeavours.

What is TPACE?

TPACE is a Public Participation & Diplomacy Initiative with the mission of fostering and driving the expression, promotion and preservation and maximization of African culture and heritage to its people, its visitors, the continent and the world in the technologically evolving world.

This 3-day festival is the launch to a year-long public participation & diplomacy that will be running programmes, activities and online endeavours throughout 2020 until next annual festival.

What you can expect?

Language Masterclasses

Research Presentations


Food Masterclasses

Edible Insects Showcase


Cultural Show

Why attend TPACE?

  • Allow the City of Tshwane and Gauteng a different festive experience
  • Teach children on holiday the importance of their own culture & heritage as well as others on the continent
  • Educate the attending masses and online viewers of different culture and their similarities to their own
  • Create a new annual Cultural and Heritage experience for Tourists
  • Allow a new kind of Ubuntu crossed with Festive cheer and spirit of giving and interacting
  • Set the Stage for year-long Cultural and Heritage Activations to drive pro-Pan African technological and lifestyle habits

Future of TPACE

  • Business Development Workshop for Heritage and Cultural Entrepreneurs
  • Language Masterclass on French
  • Food Masterclass on African Foods of Love
  • Cultural & Heritage Dialogue on Digital Preservation and Promotion
  • Business Development Workshop for Heritage and Cultural Entreprenuers
  • Language Masterclass on Swahili
  • Exhibition for Heritage and Cultural Entreprenuers
  • Food Masterclass on African Meal Planning
  • Come Taste Africa Food Festival
  • Fashion Showcase Modern Meets Culture & Heritage
  • Dialogue Reshaping our Cultural & Heritage Narrative
  • Exhibitions Africa Month Special
  • Language Masterclass on Yoruba
  • Business Development Workshop Cross Africa Collaboration
  • Food Masterclass on African Winter Warmers
  • Dialogue on Heritage & Culture beyond Peak Seasons
  • Business Development Workshop Heritage and Cultural Entreprenuers
  • Language Masterclass on Amharic
  • Trade & Exhibition Heritage Month
  • Fashion Showcase African Summer
  • Dialogue Shaping South Africa’s Heritage for the Future
  • Language Masterclass on Zulu
  • Business Development Workshop Becoming Export Ready
  • Food Masterclass on African Summber Vibes
  • Dialogue on Heritage & Culture in 2021
  • The Pan African Cultural Experience Week