Come Experience Africa in one place, this November
We have food, culture and heritage from all regions of Africa
Come delight all your senses
Come explore food, language, fashion, research, trade stalls and exhibitions on African Heritage and Culture
End Year Academic Trip
Come let your pupils experience their continent's culture and heritage
Come preserve and promote African culture & heritage
Learn and explore ways of how you can preserve your culture and heritage today


What are we all about:

TPACE is a 3 day indigenous knowledge system experiences, this year, made up of

  • food
  • language
  • fashion
  • research
  • trade
  • exhibitions

We want to achieve the following:

Identify similarities and differences among African culture and use the outcome to stimulate social and economic transformation through trade, manufacturing, entrepreneurship.

Provide platform for challenging and empowering African Entrepreneurs to realizing economic opportunities arise from professionally packaging and exchanging cultural experiences locally and at the global market focusing on youth and women entrepreneurs.

Why this event:

In light of the August and September social unrest that showed the blight of buried hate, frustration, frustration that South Africans and African still carry, TPACE with Freedom Park aim to be a tool of reconciliation not just of South Africans and Africans living in Gauteng but, but all Africans in the continent and the Diaspora.

What can i expect there:

With activities such as our insect eating competition, masterclasses on staple foods from across the continent and showcasing products, places, experiences you never though possible on our unique and only continent.

This experience will not only delight, but educate and inform, all attendees on what wonderous unbridled potential we possess and have access to through heritage and culture. 

What is the future of the event:

This experience will be also carried out on our own T-PACE indigenous heritage and culture knowledge system we will be rolling out after our event to keep the in line with this year’s theme of Preserving and Promoting African Heritage, Culture & Language using Digital, Technology & Modern Media without losing IP 

Event Activities

We be celebration the heritage and culture of pap through running masterclasses how to cook the universal staple of Africa from different regions and style.

We will also hold an insect cooking and eating competition. Only for the brave

And have various enticing displays of the various food cultures and heritage from the different regions of Africa

We will host various masterclasses on Africa’s most widely spoken languages incorporating interactcive learning sessions, historical and cultural knowledge and spoken word.

We will host a fashion show that showcases how we can use using indigenous clothing as 21st century fashion inspiration for every day and special occasion wear

Knowledge, findings and solutions on Preserving and Promoting African Heritage, Culture & Language using Digital, Technology & Modern Media without losing IP will be shared at the event as well as online for all interested parties to indugle in

Keeping to our theme, of Preserving and Promoting African Heritage, Culture & Language using Digital, Technology & Modern Media without losing IP, we will gather various panelists to discuss this topic as well as a Q&A session with attendees

We will host various trade stalls showcasing heritage and cultural products from Africa’s regions. These export-ready products will be availble for purchase and their owners ready to do business beyond TPACE

Our exhibitions will designed to expose untapped Africa’s heritage and cultural assets from its various regions. These exhibitions will leave you yearning to travel and explore your own continent even more!

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