A new kind of Culture & Heritage experience!

The Pan African Experience Week intends to bring in scholars/students, professionals, families and organizations to come experience Africa’s Heritage and Culture in one place in order to see first-hand: 

  1. Many people from different backgrounds are thinking the same thing.
  2. The strides African heritage and culture and its many indigenous parts can complement one’s current modern lifestyle.
  3. How so much work is to be done by so many on a consistent and sustainable basis to ensure our African Heritage and Culture is preserved for generations to come.


This week-long culture experience exists to provide easy access to African heritage and cultural lifestyle activities, knowledge and lifestyle improvement habits to scholars/students, professionals, families and organizations through our language, food, fashion, research & exhibition public participation and diplomacy programmers using technology, in-person activations and events leveraged of our partner network.


We intend to achieve the following to call our virtual events as success:

  • 80% of all attendees will rate having a great time at TPACEW Africa Month
  • Get 300 parents and 600 kids to attend the online event over the 4 days
  • Get 60% rating of TPACEW having shown tangible benefits to the future of attendees’ daily lives
  • Collect 10 hours’ worth of video and audio African Heritage and Culture content to show online for other’s to enjoy and learn from
  • Create a network of 300 African Heritage and Culture stakeholders for post-event relationship building
  • Communicate our year plan to all attending stakeholders and partners involved in our journey in 3 TPACEW activities


 With your participation, contribution and assistance, we hope to create a successful 4 day online spectacle that will become not only an annual benchmark of how to celebrate, preserve and promote our Indigenous Heritage and Cultures but a lifestyle benchmark enforced in the monthly activations to follow after the event.

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